BBQ recipes and ideas

Looking for BBQ ideas? We know the 'glorious' (ahem) British summer means the sun isn't always on our side. So when it does decide to grace us with its presence, be ready with some barbecue recipes to create a feast with maximum wow, minimum fuss; thankfully, it's super easy.

Rustle up an easy, healthy summer salad you can make ahead of time or dress last minute. Next, start with some grilled prawn skewers to get the party started (we have two recipes below). When those are done, sit down with a cocktail, eat your prawns, take a break and then start on some grilled chicken like these chicken kebabs, a spare ribs recipe (which you can start in the oven and finish on the grill) or burgers.

Once they're done, serve with your salad and eat. Add another cocktail if required. See? Barbecue recipes can be easy. From beautiful burger recipes to cool cocktails and simple salad recipes, we have 100 mouthwatering BBQ recipes - best served with a dash of fresh air... You go, grill!

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