21 couscous & quinoa recipes

Cous cous

When it comes to quick and easy recipe ideas, couscous recipes can not be beat. Just pour boiling water over the couscous, soak for 5 minutes and you're away. For a simple couscous salad, just add vegetables; or pair couscous (especially couscous salads) with roast chicken or beef to bulk them out into a main course. Similarly, bulk them out with cheeses such as halloumi, feta, or one of our dip recipes. You can also serve couscous plain as a side like rice.  Giant couscous takes a little bit longer to cook than traditional couscous, but has a bit more bite - it makes a great alternative to quinoa or risotto. Need some recipe ideas? These quick and easy couscous recipes ( quinoa, freekeh and farro recipes for good measure) are perfect for everything from picnics and parties to midweek dinner ideas. Dig into the grain attraction below...

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