Wardrobes & Bedroom Storage

Clever design ideas for wardrobes and bedroom storage - from cupboards and walk-ins to small space storage solutions for clothes and shoes

'There is no point in planning a wardrobe unless you know what you have to fit in it,' says interior designer . Well-designed clothes storage should be an essential element of a bedroom, and planning it so that it will enhance your space as well as have room for all your clothing - no matter how much of it there is - is something that should be considered carefully. 'We often count a client's clothes so that we can make sure everything has its place. Hang relative items near each other - tops over trousers, shirts next to jackets. You'll need at least 60cm depth for hanging space and 50cm for shelves,' Alidad recommends. Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or need space-saving ideas, we take a look at the best clothes storage ideas on offer... 


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