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Stylish Country Bathroom Ideas; from how to achieve a modern country look, to timeless traditional bathroom decoration from the House & Garden archive

'As with any room, you should always start with what the house can give you. If it's a seventeenth- or eighteenth-century timber-and-brick construction, strip it back to expose some interior detail of its origin - whether that is a cross beam, an A-frame or a high, sloping window. Bathrooms don't have to have plumb walls, clean lines or overly neat junctions, as long as what you do is beautifully done.

'Roll-top baths are a classic  component, but I'd advise against positioning one up against a painted or wallpapered wall. If you splish and  splash, the water will  permeate the wall and cause problems, and you'll end up having to repaint or repaper every 18 months. Instead, if you have the space, place the bath closer to the middle of the room. Underfloor  heating and bathmats will protect  the floor. If you want modern touches such as speakers, you can get them plastered into the ceiling so that they don't stand out in a bathroom with a classic style,' advises designer .

The most successful bathrooms are so much more than just spaces in which to perform your daily ablutions. Rather, they are lovely and inviting rooms, decorated to delight, but never at the expense of their practical requirements. A perfect recipe for relaxation.

See below to get inspired by our pick of the most beautiful country bathrooms.

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