10 of the most decadent beds we've ever featured

The fabrics! The frippery! Four Poster Beds and opulent headboards 

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In the seventeenth century, Sun King Louis XIV would receive visitors every morning in his bedchamber at Versailles. The privilege would be purchased by courtiers, who crowded round to witness him at his morning routine. It was during this period that the decoration of the king's bedchamber reached new heights of decadent abandon. The trend spread like wildfire through the court.

This was a point in history where the design of the bed left practicality and economy of scale trampled under a gilded foot (amongst the nobility at least - everyone else was still sleeping on straw-stuffed hessian).

Though fashions have come and gone, it's fair to say the world has never been without decadently swagged beds since. Thank goodness - because though minimalism is fine, we still want to break in to tiny applause when someone hangs golden tassels from their red canopy, or commissions a giant gesso and silver seashell as a headboard. Here are some of our favourites, from four posters to regal coronas. The stuff of dreams.

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