It's time to rethink Disco balls

Welcome to 'It's time to rethink...', a new series where we'll be bringing some of our favourite neglected (and at times mildly controversial) decorative elements back in to the spotlight. Get ready to pour over patchwork, sigh about stripes, and have a moral tussle about whether you're ready for the return of tented ceilings.

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In our second installment we're talking disco balls, yes, disco balls. The confines of the dance floor no more. Actually an extremely chic focal point, and an opportunity to give your lighting scheme some sparkle and a dash of playful whimsy.

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Ngoc Minh Ngo

In the bathroom of Jos and Annabel White's townhouse in Manhattan's West Village, a mix of playful and practical silver  wallpaper is combined with an antique disco ball from , a wooden twin vanity and a h alpaca rug from .


Michael Sinclair

A spinning mirrorball from adds a focal point in the double-height space and is paired with glass shades from on coloured cord from . The vintage gym equipment was bought in Belgium and the plaster bust from an antiques market in Antwerp


Paul Massey

In the converted Somerset chapel of artist Jonathan Delafield Cook and illustrator Laura Stoddart, a disco ball adds a dash of glitter to the living room.

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