What the House & Garden team buy in the January sales

The high street shops the House & Garden team make a bee line for during the January sales 

Owen Gale
  • 'Keep your eyes peeled in  - right at the end of the sale when they do final reductions. You can sometimes find treasure. Also bedding from  - it's a serious treat for your house that you'll thank yourself for later.' Emily Senior, Online Features Editor
  • 'I do a mass swoop of , floor-by-floor, in search of pretty things.'Alice Riley-Smith, Online Features and Social Media Editor
  • 'I usually go for something I have had on my mind for a while. This year I am quite keen on getting some rugs from along with a couple of bar stools.' Charlie Porter, Acting Deputy Decoration Editor
  • 'I'm crossing my fingers that I'll find some of 's fun fruit- and veg-shaped bowls in the sale somewhere! Other than that, I'm quite sadly super organised and like to pick up Christmas bits for next year, like baubles in the sale and Christmas candles from .' Bethan Hyatt, Senior Sub Editor
  • 'I don't have much space at home for large items, but I love cooking and baking so I usually look out for bargains on kitchen gadgets and cake tins at and . Unfortunately a mixer may still be out of reach for me, even in the sales.' Sophie Devlin, Sub Editor
  • ' for bedlinen, but also hoping this year to buy a new rug from ?'  Eva Wolpert, Art Editor
  • 'I scour through  to find fun, inexpensive kitchen textiles and hand towels.' - Rémy Mishon, Decoration Coordinator 
  • 'Nothing specific in the sales but we always look out for picture frames from , cotton sheets from any of the major chains and bundt cake tins from .' Joshua Monaghan, Deputy Art Director
  • 'Linen from .' Blanche Vaughan, Food Editor
  • 'I buy something frivolous that we never would've indulged in/afforded normally. sale is my place to go - a colourful blanket, a ridiculous lamp, a novelty bowl, who knows!' Jenny Lister, Art Director
  • 'Towels just never seem like an exciting purchase so the John Lewis sale is ideal.' Caroline Bullough, Managing Editor 
  • 'I absolutely loath the sales. I honestly have a pathalogical hatred of them. That said, I have been known to swoop in at the very last minute, at the end of the month when the crowd has thinned and the dregs of last season loiter sadly on the shelves. For me it's a time to pick up real basics rather than pieces to love forever. So, tumblers from ,  a vase from , or some towels from . I think it's a mistake to wait for the sales to buy a 'forever' piece.' - David Nicholls, Features Director
  • 'I tend to get so much interiors stuff I don't want for Christmas, that the first thing I do in the New Year is a visit to the charity shop! Whilst I'm there, there is a good chance I'll come away with some coloured glasses, a kitschy candlestick or an embroidered napkin!' Ruth Sleighholme, Acting Decoration Editor

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