How to Decorate with Velvet

How to decorate with velvet: our favourite design schemes that include beautiful pieces of velvet furniture, from sofas and chairs to bedroom details...

'Velvet is a good fabric to use as it comes in beautiful colours,' says India Mahdavi. 'I use velvet a lot because it's soft and curvy and I like straight flashes of colour in a room.' The Iranian-born architect and designer, who is known for her dramatic interiors and even uses velvet in her kitchen recommends 'Opera' cotton velvet from . 

As internationally acclaimed designer Alidad says in his Dos and Don'ts of Decorating, 'Britain is the best country in the world, except for one thing... the weather.' He recommends using velvet to create warm, protective rooms. 'Cover the main, large surfaces in your rooms in plain fabrics, then use cushions, rugs and ceramics to add pattern. This way, it is easy to control the proportions.'

Dig into our collection of design ideas for using velvet at home...

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