White Room Ideas

Pale and interesting - white paint ideas that buck the trends

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How to make a room both pale and interesting? From the central London flat of landscape architect Kim Wilkie, whose white walls and uncurtained windows give a sense tranquillity that is weighted by dark Arts and Crafts furniture, to the interior designer Harriet Anstruther's Sussex farmhouse, where neutral paint feels at once modern and cozy, without detracting from the cottage's higgledy-piggeldy charm. In small spaces white paint can make a room feel bigger and brighter - especially when cleverly paired with mirror. In large or open plan rooms, use white in different tones to create optical illusons that subtly make proportions feel more friendly (see our guide on how to use white paint for more on this). Another preconception is that a white room spells minimalism (which, of course, it can) but a white base also allows you to use multicoloured fabric on upholstery and curtains with wild abandon. Plus, it's a fabulous backdrop for hanging art - there's a reason why galleries use it, after all. Buck the trends and learn to use white paint with personality.

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