The countryside on Instagram

There is true romantic delight to be found in the English landscape in every season but come summer the combination of sunshine and the inevitable rain mean our green and pleasant land is at its greenest and most pleasant. Train journeys allow for glimpses of rolling hills and valleys, thickets of hedgerow traverse summer fields thick with swaying barley. Country walks bring one across heroic oaks standing sentinel, the tumble of roses over fences and cottages, lanes are edged with the froth of wild carrot and red campion. Summer holidays to far away places are all very well and good but we can't help but agree with Alexander Pope - "Happy the man whose wish and care/  A few paternal acres bound,/  Content to breath his native air/ In his own ground."

We've rounded some of the most idyllic views we've seen on Instagram in the last few months for your pleasure...

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