Adam Bray

His unique interiors bristle with moody colour, sensual texture and carefully curated antiques. But Adam Bray is also down to earth, delivering ‘the most comfortable house possible and dealing with the practicalities of life’. Clients get the full benefit of his 25 years in antiques, a deep understanding of specialist materials, a highly attuned colour sense and an intelligent approach.


After leaving school at 16, Adam worked for antiques dealers in London and New York, then opened his own shop in Notting Hill. He says that he became interested in interior design through his clients, and today his creative studio focuses on private homes. Adam has created paint colours for Papers and Paints and Plain English and has his own range of furniture, lighting and fabrics.


Adam is working on a house in Chester Square SW1, a Nash cottage in Regent’s Park, a family estate in East Sussex and a pub in east London. Other projects include custom-coloured cashmere blankets with a Welsh knitwear factory.

Industry recommendation

‘Adam looks for unusual furniture and textiles, whether tribal or silk damask, creating unpretentious spaces with a twist. His sense of humour shines through his work,’ says textiles designer Christine Van Der Hurd.

020-7625 4512

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