An internationally acclaimed designer who pours heart and soul into utterly bespoke, multilayered and sensual interiors for his high-end clients, Alidad also delivers rooms planned to last 20 years, a philosophy explored in his 2013 book Alidad: The Timeless Home (Rizzoli, £37.50). ‘When I take on a job, I try to make every inch of it inspiring,’ he says. Expect luxurious fabrics, rich hues and bold pattern, precious antiques.


Award-winning Alidad came to interior design via a deep love and knowledge of textiles; for many years he was director of the Islamic Art department at Sotheby’s. He launched his practice in 1985, and runs a team of 10 at his Chelsea studio. In 2013, he launched , a ‘ready to wear’, financially more accessible interior-design service.


Alidad is currently working on the design and decoration for a clutch of London and international homes, including a country house in Cornwall, an apartment in Paris, a flat in Portugal and a large house in Kuwait.

Most unusual design request?

‘To create a bath resembling a high-heeled shoe.’

020-7384 0121

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