Douglas Mackie

For clients in search of handsome interiors, moody colours and deep comfort, Douglas Mackie tops the list. He’s brilliant at integrating serious art collections, skilfully blending them against beautifully conceived backgrounds. ‘My philosophy is to create a perfect balance between furniture, art and sculpture,’ he says. He also has his own line of chic furniture, Douglas Mackie Collection.


Douglas studied architecture at the University of Cambridge and subsequently worked in New York before setting up his company in London in 1995. At his W1 offices, he has a team of ‘simply two’; he is super organised and involved with every aspect of each project.


Douglas is working on a home in Gloucestershire, combining ‘a rich textured modern interior within a listed eighteenth-century house’ with the clients’ collection of modern British art. He is also working on a Tudor mansion in London and a newbuild in Courchevel. Recent projects include a two-year job in the Middle East, houses in Holland Park and numerous apartments.

Industry recommendation

‘Douglas has a sophisticated ability to use antiques and unique pieces of twentieth-century furniture with fabrics that have a wonderful twist of texture and colour,’ says textiles designer Christine Van Der Hurd.

020-7487 3295

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