Piers von Westenholz

An antiques dealer par excellence, Piers von Westenholz has been in the trade for over 40 years and specialises in antiques for large English country houses. He is also a masterful interior designer and a favourite with clients who value his discretion and bold choices. Despite the grandeur of the interiors, he says ‘simplicity and comfort’ remain his watchwords.


Piers began decorating in the Sixties when he set up a business with David Mlinaric, and he has owned antique shops with Robert Kime, as well as working closely with antiques expert Christopher Gibbs. Today, Piers operates his appointment-only business from his home in Hertfordshire, aided by a team of four.


His commissions include the decoration of a house in Notting Hill, a flat in Chelsea, a farm in Wiltshire, a country house in Berkshire and an apartment in Madrid. Recently completed are a villa in Rome and a manor house in Hampshire.

Most unusual design request?

‘I was once asked to decorate a Winnebago.’

01279 842545

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