Rita Konig

Spearheading a new breed of young designers, Rita Konig likes her interiors to look ‘as undecorated as possible’. Her designs are easygoing, quirky and fun, underpinned with a rigorous understanding of clients’ needs. She’s the perfect choice for those in search of colour, a casual vibe and expertly pitched vintage pieces.


Rita has worked as an interior designer for the past 12 years, including a six year stint in New York. Now based in London, she continues to criss-cross the Atlantic for selected projects. Rita twins her design commissions with style journalism: she’s European editor for T Banch at The New York Times, and also writes a column for House & Garden.


Rita is converting a Notting Hill pub into apartments and working on a hotel and members’ club in Hollywood. She is also completing a house in New York and a beach house in Antigua for the same client.

Industry recommendation

‘Rita’s interiors have a palpable feeling of joie de vivre. She has stayed true to English decorating traditions but the result always appears fresh,’ says Fabrice Bana of design blog A-Gent of Style.

020-7736 0758

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