Sigmar (Ebba Thott)

London-based Swedish designer Ebba Thott is a breath of fresh air. She co-runs the design shop Sigmar, in the King’s Road, with Nina Hertig, a Danish furniture specialist. Ebba is big on injecting a sense of soul into every home, and has ‘a weakness for the small details that make a space personal’. Her hip interiors are expertly decked out with the crème de la crème of mid-twentieth-century furniture, offbeat colours and subtly mismatched patterns.


Ebba and Nina set up Sigmar in 2003, sparked by a shared passion for craftsmanship, natural materials and the ‘practice of soulful design’. They have a design team of four. Furniture, lighting, textiles and wallpapers are hand-picked and available to order, and the pair will always go the extra mile to hunt out something special for eager clients.


Ebba's current projects include the designs for a mansion in Surrey, a converted Grade II-listed courthouse in Hammersmith, a lakeside villa in Sweden and an IT company’s office in Mayfair.

Which interior designerwould you hire?

– he plays in a brilliant way with sizing, textures and colour. He has an impressive sense for harmony and use of space. I’d love him to do a lakeside or seaside home for me.’

020-7751 5801

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